Long ago, before farming, before the domestication of animals, our ancestors were hunter-gatherers who ate a diverse diet consisting of berries, fruits, root vegetables, and other plants. They ate anywhere between 50-100 grams of fibers a day.

But, as humankind evolved and moved into farming and then processing, much of the beneficial fibers and prebiotics our ancestors were consuming regularly was completely removed from our diets.

Because of this, our society is plagued by obesity and other diseases that could easily be prevented (or at the very least managed) with a healthier more diverse diet.

Here at Simply Free, we’re not just making delicious yogurts, drinks and dressings but we’re packing these products full of prebiotics and probiotics and over 50% of your recommended daily required fiber...

the ultimate digestive and gut health trio.

Here’s how this trio works together.

  • Probiotics are tiny living microorganisms that deliver massive health benefits.
  • Prebiotics are used to feed the probiotics our products deliver, as well as the other good bacteria currently residing in your gut.
  • And finally, soluble and insoluble fiber is used to promote digestive wellness.
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